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Brickvention Melbourne 2022

After a virtual meeting in 2021 due to COVID, Brickvention 2022 happened in the flesh this year with meeting, greeting and the public invited once again to wander among an expansive display of LEGO mocs and exhibits. The usual venue of the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton was unavailable this time while still being used as a Covid vaccination center. In its place, Brickvention was moved to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in Albert Park.

The scaled-down “live” 2022 Brickvention was still able to squeeze in a four-day Thursday-Sunday program of events and displays, with the ticketed public attending over the weekend. Crowds were down, of course, but those who braved the pandemic this time and not the traffic were treated to many high-quality AFOL builds that rivaled Brickventions past.

Personally, we were unable to attend this year due to Covid restrictions, but felt necessary to do our best to document the event from what we could gather. Reports were that in all categories – exhibitors, AFOL design and builders, commercial sellers, the attending public – the turnout was less. But the enthusiasm was off the charts as most at Brickvention were thrilled to finally leave their houses and get back to building and enjoying LEGO after a near dormant Covid-restrained two years. Brickvention 2022 was a howling success, all things considered. badge

Cris Ruhr and Nicole McDonald MC'd the program this year and Andrea Lansley headed the committee. The volunteer committee did all they could to put together a level of resurrected normalcy, and that was reflected in the outstanding displays built again by those in attendance. Even the Friday night hi-jinx entertainment and cocktail hour was repeated.

headAll in all, Brickvention is back and for those who love LEGO and fun and hospitality as well, this will remain a wonderful event that’s never too far away to consider a visit during our (US) winter (their summer). Hopefully that will be next year and for many thereafter. Here is a sampling of that outstanding program Brickventures and the Brickvention steering committee were able to put together.



Auction a LEGO set for bush fire relief

The crowds were much smaller, but the displays were still impressive at Brickvention 2022.

Brickvention 2022 organizing committee

Sponsors and organizers of Brickvention 2022. (L to R) Michael Plowright, Nicole McDonald, Steve Ready, Jason Chicon, Annaleise Ronzan, Andrea Lansley, Chris Ruhr, and Travis Matheson.

The massive Melbourne Opera House in LEGO bricks

The massive Melbourne Opera House represented here in LEGO bricks.

Guess who is represented by this mosaic OK, guess who. Who is represented in this impressive large-scale mosaic all in 1x1 bricks? Any ideas? So, click on it to find out.


Sidney Opera in LEGO brick.

The Sidney Opera in LEGO brick.

LEGO-Built 'Intergalactica!'

Timber Wolf MOC










This Space Station looks like something out of Star Wars 2022.






Robot WarriorsReady to invade: these space blasters seem ready for intergalactic intervention.









Oriental pagoda a masterfully designed MOC with plenty of color and extreme detail.














Breakout groups

Brickvention hosted ample breakout groups for a variety of programs.

the entire group of AFOLs at Brickvention 2022

The entire AFOL community assembled for Brickvention 2022, ready for their close-up! AFOLs in blue, Organizing Committee members in red.

The 2022 Brickvention is underway . . .

Chris and Travis

Chris Ruhr and Travis Matheson get the program started.


'A Man and his Castle'

A man and his castle

This AFOL builder shows a well-earned castle keep.

Downtown Traffic on a busy afternoon

Downtown traffic and buildings

Melbourne city center.


VIP minifig


Note: Thanks to Alec Mead, the "Rock Doc" who in addition to being a good friend is also a great photographer. Appreciate the loan of his great photos.



















Brickvention minifig for 2020

Brickvention 2022

Brickvention standup displayWe were unable to represent BrickLink this year at Brickvention 2022. Still, very happy to report that Brickvention is back and showing real signs of life after a two-year (except the virtual event last year) hiatas of face to face -- mask to mask? -- live socializing.

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Center

Long line waiting to enter the REB for Brickvention 2020The replacement venue for this year's Brickvention was the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center.

Ornate model made of LEGOAn ornate Joker crafted from the Brick.

LEGO with maskA sign of the times, even LEGO required a mask!


Deer in the magical forest.

Yellow Castle made of Duplo

A lighthouse.

Scaled model version of the Peterborough railroad roundhouse. Travis Matheson earning his wings while tastefully sporting a BrickLink lanyard.

Charlotte Above and below, views of the Charlotte.

the CharlotteThe Charlotte.

Government BuildingA stately building with intricate detail in bricks.

Rover Mower custom MOCLooks like Frances and Martin Schroeter ended up with a little extra to take back with them to their ranch in Tasmania, Wattle Hill, near Hobart.

AirplanesLots of planes and boats and attack vehicles and things.

MuppetIs that Oscar?

SellerScaled back Brickvention still attracted commercial sellers.

Long truck A long cab and three trailers transport.

Space troopers sizing up their transportation.Star troopers sizing up the crowd.

Alec and Larry cutting it up at the evening partyRockstars make great subject matter, and great use for all those dark-colored bricks.

Greatest of all timeAbove: Possibly as animals made from LEGO go this could be the Greatest Of All Time!


Brickvention 2022 banner






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