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A Tribute to dan jezek and his dream, the world's largest online lego marketplace called bricklink.

Welcome to Dan's Page

Welcome to a website devoted to the life and memory of Daniel Jezek, our son. You may only know him as the man behind the scenes and the one who about two decades ago created a website called Well, actually, he called it BrickBay, until another, bigger “Bay” got annoyed, and demanded a name change. A good thing, too, because “BrickLink” sounds a lot more literal and easy on the ear than something akin to a small body of water filled with masonry. Many of you will remember Dan, but many more are just fans and users of BrickLink. What you may learn here may be both edifying and enlightening about things that, if working well and properly, are best just taken for granted.

Still, there’s an interesting story or two behind the birth and continuing life of BrickLink, and yet an even better one around the life of its creator. I hope you will understand our pride in Dan and all his accomplishments and share with us a little time to get to know better the place where you probably spend a good part of your day and evening, a place called

Eliska and I were honored to play a role in what Dan created for nearly three years after he died, September 24, 2010. We ran the website, with the help of Eric A. Smith, an Indiana-based programmer and developer who helped keep things running smoothly during a period of continued, rapid growth. A number of dedicated volunteer administrators also did their part to keep the community together and things in check after Dan’s passing.

When we handed over the reins to Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim and his team in June 2013, it was difficult for us to give up BrickLink. But we saw a need to insure additional resources that would project BL into a very positive future and continue Dan's legacy. We believe that we have been successful in achieving that. And now has again changed hands and is a part of LEGO itself. It's hard to imagine a more positive testimonial to the success of the website Dan loved so much and worked so hard to make flourish. The next chapter of BrickLink is truly still being written.

Meanwhile, Eliska and I finally have the time to travel and see for ourselves what BrickLink has meant to so many AFOLs and their families around the globe. We continue to act in the role of traveling Goodwill Ambassadors for BrickLink. What a joy it is to spread the word to so many active users – and almost always users to be – as they continue to turn Dan’s dream into a reality. If he only knew the role he would play to bring happiness to LEGO lovers and their families. Dan would smile, maybe even grin. And then he would get back to work.

Welcome, and thanks for coming.

Larry Hawthorne (former BrickLink General Manager)

Eliska Jezkova (Dan’s mom and former CEO of

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