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Trip to Billund, Denmark and the home of LEGO


Billund, Denmark is a veritable shrine to LEGO enthusiasts around the world. It's the home to LEGO House, as well as the world's first Legoland and design and manufacturing headquarters of the LEGO corporation itself. We had the honor to visit and tour most of these facilities recently.

The family-owned business, founded in Billund in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, is today one of the largest manufacturers of children's play materials, i.e., LEGO bricks. We had an opportunity to tour the manufacturing plant, although photos were not allowed. A trip through the plant revealed a highly automated system producing every imaginable LEGO part. Heavy emphasis remains on quality control all guided by their world-renown motto of "Only the best is good enough." While there, we joined BrickLink's Jay Kim and Marvin Park during meetings and discussions with LEGO leading to their most recent announcement on the AFOL Designer Program, a major collaboration between BrickLink and LEGO now underway.


Jay and Eliska at LEGO plant HQJay Kim and Eliska Jezkova in LEGO manufacturing plant headquarters.

Dinner with LEGO staff in Billund

Dinner with LEGO staff gave us all a chance to share notes on future mutual endeavors between LEGO Group and BrickLink. The future of bricks, from the source in Billund to the online marketplace pages of BrickLink never looked so bright.

Eliska and Kim after plant tour





Kim Thomsen took us on an hour tour of the manufacturing plant in Billund. Although photos were not allowed, our mind's eye gave us plenty of information regarding the LEGO group's passion for efficiency and quality in everything they produce. As they say, "Only the best is good enough."













LEGO House

top floor of LEGO House


The top floor sunroof at LEGO House provides plenty of light to view the dinosaur exhibit and the final layer of the 50-foot-high Creativity Tree.













Three dinosaurs on display link to view expanded view of Duplo Dino Link to detailed enlarged view of the dinosaur MOC

Three dinosaurs representing three styles of LEGO brick, Duplo in the foreground, followed by System and finally Technics in the rear. Click on each hotspot to see detailed enlargements of these impressive brick-by-brick creations.

Motto: Only the best is good enough

The famous LEGO motto: 'Only the best is good enough!' Four generations of LEGO family patriarchs are part of the mural.

Lego founders in Lego bricks

LEGO founders are preserved forever at Lego House in the reproductions from Lego bricks.

Alpine fortressThis Disney-style Fantasyland castle, with adjacent Matterhorn, is an impressive display at LEGO House.

Large cityscape seen from above.

A huge Cityscape made of thousands of bricks.


First LEGO toy a wood duck

The museum in the basement of LEGO House is dedicated to the history of LEGO, how it moved from making wooden toys for kids, like this wooden duck, to the system of bricks and sets it designs and produces today. That shingle above the duck is the LEGO quality motto in Danish.


LEGO Group folks in minifigs


Brickworld Minifigs 2017

LEGO House, a testament to creativity

Tree of Creativity at LEGO HouseThe 50-foot-high "Tree of Creativity" has become a major icon of the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark.

Volcano MOC at LEGO HouseThe Fabuland MOC with belching, erupting volcanos and massive greenery.

CA cascade of color, all in LEGO brick.

Bee on the LEGO tree of lifeDon't get too close, kids. This System Dinosaur looks ready to bite.

Entering the green zoneThe 'Green Zone' is in keeping with LEGO House's themed areas. This one especially appealing to kids.

Big CityscapeCityscape was designed with intricate detail.

Use of LEGO brick for simple designs were on display This section was designed to emphasize how simple designs can result in incredible MOCs with a little imagination and the use of LEGO brick

The creativity tree looking upward into its branchesAnother look up the Tree of Creativity. This creation dominates all of LEGO House.

effigy of LEGO family memberAn early pioneer of LEGO is seen recreated in brick, on his way to work with toolbox ready to make more wooden toys for kids.

The city at nightThe 'City at Night' as seen during rotating lighting effects.

Larry and Eliska in front of the System Dinosaur at LEGO HouseLarry and Eliska with the System Dinosaur on the top floor of LEGO House.

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