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Hundreds have sent remembrances of Dan and BrickLink, with a few posted on this page. you are invited to add your own.

Remembering Dan

Above, below and column right are remembrances from around the world of Dan and BrickLink. Members of BrickLink are invited to comment regarding the impacts Dan and BrickLink have had on their lives. Please feel free to share your own thoughts regarding Dan and his dream: Leave a message

Messages from Around the World



BrickLink has made it possible for my son and my four grandkids to enjoy LEGO time together. The site has been invaluable and continues to be the main resource we use. Your son, Dan, remains a living and vibrant personality throughout his site and I marvel at your young man, who like my son, took to computers and made them his own. My son, a teacher of English to high school children, once remarked to me that he wanted to “make a difference with a few young minds.” Your son has certainly made his mark with a LOT of young minds. How you must smile!

Judy R. from USA



Dan created an amazing website for all fans of LEGO. He has left his mark on this world, and all of us are better for it. Thank you for keeping his dream alive.

Phil M from USA Member since 2011



I'm relatively new member but a life long Lego fan. I just wanted to write that I will also be remembering Dan and thinking of him every time I use this wonderful community he has created. God bless you Dan and your family. I know you are sitting up in Heaven now, looking down on us connecting from all over the planet in the space you created for us and that you are now in a place where you'll never be short of a particular brick again.

Varleym from England
Member since 2012



Dan, you will be greatly missed, so glad God put you here on this earth, you have made so many people happy.

brickhood from Canada
Member since 2005



In my humble opinion, Dan Jezek can be described as the Steve Jobs of the Lego Community. If it weren't for Dan, we might have never had such a great way of enjoying our hobby. I have never met him, but BL and thus Dan, means a lot to me.

Banti from the Netherlands



Dan was a very dedicated owner, creator, designer, and programmer, who had such a grasp for his BL. I was often amazed at how fast a suggestion from a member was implemented, and there were hundreds if not thousands of suggestions from all over the world. He had to have eaten and slept BL. It is not my business to know why Dan was taken from us so early, but I hope it was not from his pursuit of creating and maintaining BL. It is a daunting task to take something from nothing to such a creation. Thank you for sharing Dan with us and for continuing with Dan's creation.

Jim M. BL
Store: Bricks2you



I never met Dan. I didn't even know the story behind BL. The only reason I use the site is because my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly last year and left behind a huge Lego collection. Life will never be the same for any of us. I am very grateful that you shared Dan's story with all of us. I have repeatedly extolled the virtues of this site. People are always amazed when I describe the features—even more amazed when they visit. My husband used the site to purchase pieces, and he earned a living programming so it is full of memories. I will think of your Dan and my Dean. I bet they would have gotten along famously.

Shauna L. from Canada BL
Store: Half the Shipping Fun Boa



Dan gave us parts, and more parts, just when we needed them, and most of us did not even know his name. BL is an amazing gift he created and managed for all of us, bringing the world together with just a click. He will continue to live on in our minds each time we open BrickLink. That is quite a legacy for someone so young. In their time of overwhelming grief, his family should know that thousands of us join them in sharing their sadness and can only thank them for the positive impact Dan has had on our world.

Gray.Ligon USA


I still remember his first announcement of this site (then BrickBay), saying the code was almost done and asking if there would be good adherence. Many adhered right away and many, many more, would come after and shall come in the future. Please keep Dan's dream alive, thank you.

BL Store: Gimme A Brick



Dan died suddenly at the age of 33. This was a shock to the community he served. For more than a decade, he created new ways for the community to connect with each other via the web. He created an online marketplace consisting of more than a hundred million items available for sale at any given moment. He helped a community grow—serving the needs of both adults and children. He focused on what it means to serve, rather than to own. His work crossed international lines, with members from around the world actively engaging with each other.
Read "How to Serve an Online Community - The Legacy of Daniel Jezek

Dan Blank from USA



I am sad for passing of Daniel. As a Mom, I am sad. As a Lego fan, I am sad. As a BrickLink customer, I am sad. As a BL customer, I will be forever grateful that he had the vision to create such a site. As a Lego fan, since 1960, I was hooked. As a mom, I still spend time with my children as we sit on the floor, play and create, talk and share in our lives. Great memories! You should be very proud of what Dan created with BL. It is a wonderful resource for all things Lego.

Laura J. from Illinois USA


Dan's talent created an amazing website but this place is much more. It's a global community working together to support a hobby, more a lifestyle for some, and it's genius. This is an achievement that Dan's family and friends can be truly proud of and I believe this community will strive to keep it going in a way that will honor his great work for many years to come

Robert USA


Dan made a difference in the world. His dream lives on and continues helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide! I am very grateful for this site and thankful to the family.

TBG from USA
BL Store: The Bicycling Guitarist



Dan will be remembered many times over. What he built here is simply amazing, and the memories that have been created because of him. BL will be remembered forever. Just think of all the kids and dads/moms that sit down and build with parts/sets they buy on here and bond with each other. That is something those kids will grow up and remember when they become the moms/dads. And those memories might not have happened if Dan didn't build this site!

j7r7o7c7k7 from USA
BL Store: J-Rock's house of bricks


It's moments like these that are always time to give pause, and to respect what others before have accomplished and made possible for everyone that comes after. The site has helped to connect many across the globe, uniting us as one big family. BL not only united AFOLs looking to exchange parts, but helped some to pay their bills, helped some crate cottage style business success, and even others full blown commercial enterprises employing countless number of people. Dan touched many more lives than he could ever be aware of, and we all grieve for his family, and hope that the tremendous amount of support that has and continue to spill forth from this community will provide his family some solace.



Your son was highly respected by the entire Lego community. He was regarded as a visionary leader by everyone. Dan's contributions to this company during his 15 years of dedicated and selfless service were many and varied. He brought lego businesses small and large together from across the globe. His contribution to this company will not be forgotten. Dan was a remarkable man, I am well aware of the difference he made in our lives and many others. Will miss him.



More Messages


For my daughter Lauren, who lives with Autism, LEGO has changed her life and in doing so, improved our family's life. We have made hundreds of orders from bricks and other parts on Bricklink. To this end I find myself thinking about Dan Jezek, founder of Bricklink and visionary extraordinaire nearly every day. I sit and wonder if my daughter would have found the joy in LEGO if not for Bricklink. Dan you are no longer building amongst us but may your beloved mother (and all others who loved you) know that we will never forget, never stop being grateful for the gift of Bricklink you gave the LEGO community. Thank you for the joy you bring to so many over and over.....but particularly thank you for the difference you have made to my daughter's world. Your vision has changed lives, opened doors to a happier existance. For that, I salute you. RIP Dan.

Dianne and Lauren


Bringing people together around the world who have a common passion is the great work of Dan. Long life to BL which perpetuates his memory.

Papytof from France
BL Store: L'univers de la brique


was told by a local South African expert store to visit BL to broaden my horizons, and since then I have never looked back. It's a testament to Dan who made this site stand for something unheard of on the internet. To the founder of such an immensely close-knit and good-hearted member-based site, I say thank you and God Bless.

Luke from south Africa


As a member here since 2000 and former Admin, I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Jezek family for keeping Dan's memory alive. I also cannot express my deep remorse at the untimely passing of Dan at such a young age. I appreciate my many conversations with him and always enjoyed them. I hope as this site lives on, it is a reminder of Dan's dream and what made him so happy. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Dawn S. from USA
BL Store: A Brick Apart


Now in my forties, I only joined BL this past summer and had never heard of Dan Jezek before. But please be assured that this whole website resource maintained in his memory is too valuable. Truly, it is a monument to who must have been a great man.

MOJO2000 from Canada


The whole world is united in this wonderful hobby, thanks to you. Never forget you. Thanks to your family that allows us to continue to work "playing."

neghibo from Italy
BL Store: Brick Dream
Eiffel Tower


BL is an international memorial to how many lives he has touched with his love of Lego. It’s a big part of my and my family’s lives.
gert from England


Two years ago our five year-old daughter Juli passed suddenly and unexpectedly. Thank you for keeping Dan's legacy alive. It is a valuable gift to all of us. Thank you Dan!
Paul from USA


I only joined about a year ago, but I am quite impressed with what Dan has created here. His legacy will live in all the great members, who not only use this site to fund their Lego projects, but also offer some of the best insight, advice and sometimes needed constructive criticism. I wish I had found this place earlier and had a chance to interact with Dan and tell him what a wonderful place he created for all of us. Thanks Dan, and also thanks to all who work behind the scenes to keep Dan's idea going strong.

furling from Ohio, USA
BL Store: brickhead

Tribute to Dan in LEGOA BrickLink user's own personal moving tribute to Dan in a language he fully understood: LEGO itself.


I never knew Dan personally, and only had the brief contact with him through BL, yet this young man has had such a profound impact on my life. I spent many years working all hours for unappreciative bosses in sale management roles. In 2001 I found BL and the rest is history. Words cannot express my appreciation for Dans insight and achievement. The real thanks must come from my 2 children who have had their dad working at home for the last 9 years. Thank you Dan for letting this father actually be there for his children.

Slim USA


Dan has truly been a great influence on so many people and our passion for a wonderful hobby that keeps all of us young. I found BL 5 years ago and what a fantastic idea and opportunity for so many. I am 36 years old, a husband and father of 4 in Washington State. I found Dan's memorial page very thoughtful and well presented. I never knew the name of BL founder nor his background. I pray that the family can take comfort in knowing that someone so inspirational, so kind and giving as Dan, is doing good and carrying on his new work: showing his love and compassion to others in the hereafter.

Matt from Washington, USA

Dan's legacy will outlive us all, may we all raise a glass to this great guy who started so much, and who's dream will never stop.
neildyer3 from the UK
BL Store: Sam's Bargain Brickyar

Your BL "baby" is in good hands. This "site is the Statue" you deserve!
From Belgium BL Store: RobErNat's Brick Markett

Single greatest impact
Dan has had not only a profound influence on this hobby but has had arguably the single greatest impact on the community since the brick we know today was first introduced in 1954.
Lt. John Harland



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